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Training and education in Theory of Contraints to get you off to a flying start

The majority of our clients choose us to help rapidly transform their business performance and get results that matter. Training and education form part of this process. Others simply want to try it for themselves and need a jump start without the arduous research.

We offer a number of training and education options to suit your needs, budget and timetable

Learning outcomes

  • How to improve system performance without additional cost
  • How to deliver on time without stress or additional costs
  • How to increase stock turns and reduce lead times
  • Shift thinking from local effciency to system effectiveness
  • Apply measures that focus on the goal of the system and reshape behaviours 
  • Effective day to day decision making that moves you closer to the goal
  • Allocate resources to where they count
  • Techniques for thinking logically to achieve win -win solutions without need for compromise

Who should attend

Business owners, senior and middle managers and shop floor supervisors who seek business improvement  and/or are engaged in the day to day running of the business.

The Goal, by Dr Eliyahu M.Goldratt is essential reading for anyone serious about business improvement and accelerates learning outcomes from the workshops and seminars.

 Introductory sessions: 2 – 4hrs  

  • The Goal Movie Session with Q&A sheets
  • ThroughputVelocity 3 hr day or evening interactive seminars. Featuring The Goal DVD, Case Study, Manufacturing and Service Operations Principles and your next steps
  • Maximising Profitability: Half day session on 3 key measures and 4 decision rules to maximize your profits and your next steps. Workbook included.
  • Overview sessions of the TOC Manufacturing and Service Operations, Projects and Replenishment applications. Summary sheets supplied.
  • Simulation game/workshops, Job Shop scheduling game, Chaos to Calm simulation, Bad Multi-Tasking, and others.

1 day Workshops

  • Distribution Logistics

Supply chain competitiveness is recognised as critical to successful management of business yet few organisations have mastered how to simultaneously achieve low inventory investment (cost) and high customer service. Its usually boils down to low cost /low service or high cost /high service. Goldratt has introduced a rather daring and simple solution that defies common beliefs and practice and it works. Time after time companies are achieving lower inventory levels together with significantly improved service levels generating more profits and reducing costs.  

  • Goldratt Insights Series (per subject) Operations, Projects, Distribution and measurement/Throughput Account ing. Dedicated workshops provide greater opportunity to work with your own business using real numbers to illustrate how the principles can be applied in your business.

2 day Workshops

  • Project Management, Critical Chain Project Management -single and multi-project environments - Work books supplied.

Participants are introduced to a radical yet simple approach to project management that avoids the many causes of project failure. The program starts by first understanding the core problem that leads to projects failing 4 out of 5 times. Understanding the causes alone is not sufficient to deliver better outcomes but is important. A primary cause of project failure is the way we assign "safety" to project estimates. This safety is poorly managed and is shown to obstruct project completion. Through workshop simulation exercises we build a new set of rules for managing projects. For both single and multi-project environments particpants learn how to plan and execute projects in typically 2/3rds the normal time with less cost with full scope. The ones that do fail, fail by a very small margin when compared to current methods. 

  • Manufacturing and Service Operations - Production the TOC Way - Simulation software and Work books supplied

6 day Management Skills Program

  • Day to Day decision making and communication at Warp Speed. Work books supplied.

Every session provides sufficient material to implement a least one TOC principle in your work place to be able to witness a significant improvement in performance if the principles are implemented as taught. The longer duration session deliver greater content and therefore more improvement potential. Session fees are very affordable. Contact us for further information.











Educationpurpose is to transfer a solid understanding of the basic principles of Theory of Constraints

Trainingpurpose to transfer the knowledge of the principles into functional and practical skills that can be applied on the job.

Within 2 weeks of the workshop we halved work in progress enabling an extra $3,000 in throughput per day, every day" ...Simon Hay, Production Manager, Pacific Brands

"We still had some headaches but within weeks we were able to double our output out the door. We learned where to focus our efforts."
...Bruce McFarlane, Factory Manager, Hamilton Perry

"Work in progress reduced by more than 50% in a matter of days and has remained so ever since with improved on time performance"
...Andrew McEwen, GM, Victor Hydraulics

“We budgeted for $2.5m in product cost reduction and by using the Critical Chain Project Management method we achieved more than $4.7m. That’s very satisfyng.”
Mark O’Kane, General Manager Engineering, Electrolux Refrigeration.

We run public workshops on demand. Register your name and email address to indicate your preferences and receive news on when these workshops will be run.

Call 0418 207 362 to find out what would work best for you in your current situation. Contact Us for our detailed information packs on each course.































































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